€ 5.00

I will promote your vegan or vegetarian restaurant

I will promote your vegan or vegetarian restaurant on my popular alternative lifestyle site with 41000 loyal twitter followers. You will get a full listing (normal price 49€/year) for just 5€/year as a limited time offer only available on Galilea3.

The visitors of our site and users of the apps are people interested in alternative medicine, ecological tourism and vegan, macrobiotic or vegetarian lifestyle.

All listings on our site are actively promoted by our dedicated team on social networks like twitter and facebook, other websites, in our apps, the weekly newsletter, payed advertising and youtube.

You will receive massive promotion for your restaurant and an incredible backlink to your restaurants site.

Each listing has the option to add:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone
  • Website link
  • Facebook link
  • Twitter Link
  • Description up to 500 words
  • up to 3 pictures
  • 1 Youtube Video
  • Special offers

You will not find another promotion even similar to this one. But be aware that this is a limited time offer and soon we will have to raise the price.


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