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I will do profitable indepth SEO keyword research for your website or business

Why do I say profitable? Profit from long tail keywords or low volume searches. These are the easiest to rank but it doesn't mean you can't earn from them. You pay hundreds of dollars for this info anywhere else. What you get: • Competitor keywords • Local monthly searches (number of searches in a specific area) • Global monthly searches • Domain authority (the higher the harder to compete with) • Page rank (the higher the harder to compete with) • PPC (how much to pay google for advertising your topic) This details will help you decide which keywords to try to rank for based on their monthly searches and difficulty in ranking so and so will potentially help you untapped keywords (long tailed and low volume searches) that are easy to rank too but receive a lot of searches and are relevant to your niche or business FREE 1 DAY DELIVERY For an extra gig: • I will manually select the 10 best profitable low to medium volume monthly searches keywords So that's it, just give me a topic and I will do the rest.

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