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General Provisions.


This document sets out the rules for processing and protection of personal data provided by users in connection with the use of the Website hosted on hereinafter referred to as "Website" and the use of its services, hereinafter referred to as "Service".



Administrator of Users’ personal data provided in connection with the use of website is Galilee Ltd. with its registered office on Grabowa Street 4/1, 61-473 Poznań, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the District Court in Poznań - Nowe Miasto and Wilda, VIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the KRS (National Court Register) number 84310, NIP (TIN) 7831004671, REGON (National Register of Economic Units) 630246466,


Principles of Personal Data Collection.


  1. In order to access the full content and services offered by the Website galilea3 it is appropriate to fill out the registration form.

  2. The form contains a number of categories including, among others, the data necessary to determine the user's identity (personal data).

  3. Each user who filled out the registration form, or provided their your personal data in any other way, is given access by the Administrator to their personal data in order to verify, modify or delete them.

  4. After registering, the User is given an account which they use to log in to the Website. The User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their data in the form of a username and password.

  5. A collection of users’ personal data is treated as a separate database, stored on Galilea 3 Website server in a special security zone which provides adequate protection. The database is fully accessed only by a small number of authorized employees of Galilee Ltd. dealing with the administration of the database.

  6. Viewing the contents of the Website does not require the User to provide their personal data.

  7. However, if the security requirements of the Website impose appropriate limitations, the use of the Service may require the User to provide their personal data. In this case, refusing to provide personal data may limit the ability to use the Service.

  8. Providing the user’s personal data may also be required in other circumstances such as making a request for specific information to the Administrator, about which each user is informed.

  9. If case of using the Service from mobile devices, the Administrator may obtain, in particular, the mobile device, internet service provider and the subscriber identity data. Collected data will be processed in an anonymous way and will be used only for statistical purposes and to ensure the correct use of the Website by the user.

  10. The Administrator can conduct surveys among the users to access specific demographic and profile data (such as age, education, occupation, income). Completion of the survey is always voluntary, and collected personal data will be handled anonymously and will be used for statistical analysis and to create a collective image of the Users which can be released to Administrator’s partners. Disclosure of such information is always voluntary.


Scope of Personal Data and their Processing.


  1. Administrator may ask the User to provide, in particular, the following personal data: name, address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address, according to the requirements of the chosen Service. Regulations of Service may specify other personal data that the User should provide in order to use the Service.

  2. Administrator processes personal data to provide the Service, for marketing of Website’s products and services, and other legitimate purposes.


Legal Basis for Personal Data Processing.

  1. Personal data are processed on the basis of the consent expressed by the User, and in cases in which the law authorizes the Administrator to process personal data. The disclosure of personal data is voluntary.

  2. Expressing User’s consent to process the personal data is done by ticking the appropriate space on the form during the registration procedure or any other procedure that is intended to enable the use of the Service. The User may at any time revoke their consent.

  3. Personal data contained in the registration form, as well as other personal information collected by the company are processed in a manner consistent with the scope of the authorization granted by or pursuant to other statutory prerequisites legalizing data processing, in accordance with the Polish law, in particular in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997 on the protection of personal data and the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services.


Commercials and Surveys.


  1. The Administrator can process the personal data in order to improve services and to adjust displayed on the Website advertising, materials or recommendations to User’s preferences or interests, provided that the User has given their consent.

  2. To do that, the Administrator can relate personal data provided by the User in connection with using certain Service with some other personal data connected to the same User already processed by the Administrator.


Data Related to Browsing the Website.


  1. The Administrator collects information related to browsing the Website by Users, such as the number and source of visits to the Site, time of visit, content viewed, the number and a type of viewed pages, references used, or IP computer address.

  2. The Administrator does not relate such information with User’s personal data and do not use them to identify the User, unless it is necessary for the proper Service provision.

  3. The Administrator uses the data, referred to in paragraph 1 above, only for the purpose of market research and Internet traffic within the Website and for statistical purposes, in particular for the assessment of interest created by the content on the Website and for improving Website content and quality.

  4. In order to adapt the content and services to the individual needs of the users of the Website, the Administrator uses cookies, or similar, which is the information recorded by the servers of websites on user’s computer that can be read by the servers each time the users connect to their computer. Such files allow the Administrator, in particular, a better adjustment of the Website to the individual interests and preferences of the User. In most Internet browsers you can delete cookies from the computer hard drive, block all cookies, or set a warning before saving such files on the disk. The cookies provide the Administrator with the statistics about the users’ Internet traffic and their usage of the Website. The Administrator is not responsible for the use of cookies on other websites available to the users through the links on the Website.


Information Contained in Access Logs.

  1. The Administrator collects the data about user’s use of the Website and their IP addresses based on access log analysis.

  2. Such information is used for technical purposes connected to the administration of the Administrator’s server, as well as for statistical purposes when making the analysis of the users’ demography.

  3. Pursuant to Article 18 of the 6. Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services and other applicable acts of law, the Administrator may be required to release information, including in particular your IP address contained in the access logs on demand of legally empowered state authorities for their investigations.


Links to Other Websites.

  1. The Administrator places on the Website the links allowing users to directly access other sites.

  2. The Administrator is not responsible for the privacy policy applied by the owners of the websites to which the users can be connected by means of shared links. In order to avoid confusion connected to the use of such services, the users should get familiarized with the contents of privacy statements placed on the websites that collect personal data.


Providing and Sharing Personal Data.


  1. The use of certain Services may be associated with releasing or sharing personal data with other users of the Website and providing or sharing the personal data outside the Website. If, as a result of the above mentioned provisions, the personal data are provided to other administrator, the processing of personal data will be subject to privacy policies adopted by such an administrator.

  2. The Administrator may provide or share personal data to third parties if:
    a) the user consents to that or
    b) it is justified by the law or
    c) it is necessary to provide the Services.
    In such cases, personal data may be transferred outside the European Economic Area, including the United States of America.


User Rights.


  1. The User has the right to access personal data and to correct or update them.

  2. If the User changes their personal data, they should make sure to update them on personalized profile on the Website, if they have one.

  3. The administrator provides the User with the option to remove their personal data from the database on demand, as well as in other cases, pursuant to the provisions of applicable law.

  4. The Administrator may refuse to remove personal data if the User fails to pay all charges owed to the Administrator or breaches the Regulations of the Website, any Service or applicable law, and preserving personal data is necessary to explain the circumstances and determine the liability of the User.



Limitation of Liability.

  1. The Administrator shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the access or use of the Website, including any damage to, or viruses that may infect the users’ computer equipment or other equipment in connection with access to the Website, using or downloading any materials, data, texts, photos or other files from it.

  2. The Administrator shall not be liable for any technical problems in the operation of the Website and for any interruption in its availability due to circumstances beyond their control.


Bans and Restrictions.


  1. Use of the Website materials is authorized only to the extent of permitted use within the meaning of applicable copyright laws.

  2. Removal of any copyright notices or other proprietary information concerning the nature of such materials is a violation of the law.

  3. Without the authorization granted by the Administrator in writing it is forbidden to distribute, transmit, modify, post on other sites or use the content for public or commercial purposes, including in particular the texts and images.

  4. The Administrator does not allow posting the materials or links to materials available on the Website that violate the law, legally protected personality rights of third parties or rules of social conduct or morality.


Contact Us.


  1. The Website User may contact the Administrator at any time to obtain information about whether and how the administrator uses or intends to use User’s personal data.

  2. The Website User may also direct the request to remove their personal data in whole or in part to the Administrator.

  3. The address where you can contact the Administrator:

e-mail .............. phone number ........................


Final Provisions.


  1. The Services and functions within the Website may be developing over time. It means for example, that in the future the Website can make changes to this document.

  2. Any changes to this document will be announced as information about changes to the privacy policy. Each change in the version of the privacy policy will be marked with a new, proper date. All the most important changes, from the users’ point of view, will be highlighted.

  3. In case of any doubts or conflicts between the Policy and the User’s consents granted, notwithstanding the above, the basis to take any action by the Website and to determine their extent, is the users consent provided.

  4. This document is for informational purposes.

  5. The use of the Website constitutes acceptance of its Privacy Policy.