Payment Contract


Regulations for Mobile Payment Services Offered by Galilea3 Website.


§ 1

General Provisions.


  1. All financial transactions made between users can be carried out only through PayPal service cooperating with Galilea3 Website or through, substituting for PayPal (if PayPal is not active in financial settlements), which means that the users cannot make any forms of financial transactions directly with each other.

  2. Payments for purchases made ​​through the Galilea3 Website can be settled by using mobile communication devices (such as a PC or a mobile phone).

  3. Payment realisation requires:

- creating PayPal account on

- creating Payment Gateway account on


§ 2

Payment Conditions.


  1. Buyers must pay for the Service selected in advance.

  2. Upon choice of the Service, the Customer (Buyer) transfers cash equivalent to the purchase price to the designated bank account of Galilea3 via payment service system, respectively, as indicated in § 1.1 of the given Regulations.

  3. Until the acceptance of the selected Service, the money is on the account of Galilea3.

  4. After approval of the Service by the Buyer, the Seller receives service payment from Galilea3 on the account designated by the Seller within the system referred to in § 1.1 of the given Regulations.

  5. The Service is considered approved when the confirmation of Service is done by the Buyer using the “complete order” button.

  6. Withdrawals from the User’s account on Galilea3 Website to the Buyer takes place at the end of each calendar month after the approval of the Service.

  7. Money payment is the ultimate act and cannot be undone.

  8. The cost of transferring the funds for User’s account is calculated each time according to the price list of payment service, referred to in § 1.1 of the given Regulations.

§ 3

Website Commission.


1. Remuneration of Galilea3 for facilitating Internet platform for the completion of Service is specified in Commissions table, which is annexed to the given Regulations.

2 The commission is charged automatically by Galilea3 Service and is included in the price of the Offer.

§ 4

Blocked Funds on User’s Account.

  1. In the event of a breach of regulations, as well as in the event of a dispute between the Buyer and the Seller, Galilea3 Website has the right to block funds on the account of Galilea3.

  2. In this case, Galilea3 blocks the funds raised on its account without User’s permission until the blockage cause termination.

  3. Blocked funds are subject to interest.

  4. Release of the funds may happen after explanation of the reasons for the blockage.

  5. The funds must be released within 14 working days in the event of:


  1. termination of a dispute between Galilea3 Users proven with the consistent statement of the interested parties to the dispute (e.g. settlement) or the court decree.

  2. to legal successor after presenting a property title.


§ 5

Final Provisions.


  1. Galilea3 is entitled to unilaterally make changes or additions at any time in the Regulations.

  2. Information on the changes with the new version of the Regulations is available on the Galilea3 Website with the effective date of the amendments.

  3. In the absence of User’s objections to changes in the Regulations, within 7 calendar days from the date of placing information about the changes on Galilea3 Website, the changes are considered to be accepted.

  4. Any objections to the amendments to the Regulations are to be expressed by letter, and are equivalent to the written notice.

  5. In case of making any objection, the User loses the ability to use Galilea3 service and their account is automatically be blocked and cancelled within 30 days from the date of receiving the objection by Galilea3.

  6. Regulations effective from ..........................