About Us


Welcome to Galilea3!


Got work to do but lack the know-how? Looking for solutions online? Then you have come to the right place! Galilea3 is an online market for so-called micro-jobs. Our vision for developing Galilea3 was to harness technology available in the 21st century and bring people with talents or skills to offer in contact with those looking to exploit such, thereby building professional bridges irrespective of the buyer’s or seller’s location on the globe. That's technology at your service right there! The days when one was limited to making use of only locally available services are gone. Now you can conveniently work with anyone, anywhere in the world and at anytime, and Galilea3 is here to make that happen!


Working as a seller at Galilea3 grows you into a proud owner of an online business, and that at minimal cost. You can hire or sell products to anyone in any corner of the world, via the net. Instead of going to that expensive local designer, you can make use of cheaper labor in other countries, for example, without even leaving your office. Isn't that awesome?

At Galiea3 you can have fun and at the same time get serious work done.


You may be wondering how one can possibly make a living earning 3 Euros per job. Well, here’s the good part: You can use Galilea3 to earn a passive income. You can do your work once and just relax as the money trickles in with little or no effort on your part. It’s this simple: You create a product/job on Galilea3 that sells for 3 Euros, promote it, perform the job for a number of people and get good ratings. When you have happy customers, they will start recommending you to their friends and business partners. People using the Galilea3 platform will also be able to find you. All you have to do is promote your job and wait for cash to start flowing! If you do a good job and we, the team at Galilea3, see that your customers are satisfied, we will help you promote your product further. If you are the more ambitious kind, you can promote your job by paying a small fee to rise to the top of the list of featured jobs.


When it comes to using the Galilea3 platform, your imagination is the only limit. So be creative, have fun, make money and enjoy your stay on Galilea3!


The Galilea3 Team.